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Carrozza Pizza Company
115 North Street
Dryden, NY 13053

(607) 844-8808


Our Story

Our Great Grandmother, Maria Carrozza, was born in Macchia Valfortore, Italy. In 1895, her parents brought her and her four siblings to America (Elmira, NY), where they were raised with their Italian traditions; one special one was the art of cooking. Maria married and had ten children. One very spirited daughter, Philomena (Mamie), inherited that passion of cooking and the closeness of family.

During Sunday afternoon meals at Mamie’s (Grandmas) she usually fed up to 50 hungry family members. At Carrozza Pizza Company, we have incorporated many of her rich Italian recipes and will make all of our food from fresh, custom made products. We also promise to be as passionate about cooking for your family as she was for all of us! As Mame always said, “Mangia Mangia!”